Anushka Sharma Blasts Sunil Gavaskar For Making Distasteful Comment On Her And Virat Kohli | Anushka Sharma Lashes Out At Sunil Gavaskar

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Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma recently lost her cool on former Indian captain and commentator Sunil Gavaskar. Gavaskar made an unsavoury comment on her and her cricketer-husband Virat Kohli when the latter performed poorly at the IPL 2020 league match held on Thursday. Virat’s Royal Challengers Bangalore lost to Kings XI Punjab with the cricketer scoring just one run off five deliveries.

Sunil Gavaskar’s controversial comment left Virat’s actress-wife Anushka Sharma fuming. She took to her Instagram story to call out the former cricketer for his distasteful remark on her and her hubby.

 'Your Message Was Distasteful,' Anushka Sharma Hits Back At Sunil Gavaskar

‘Your Message Was Distasteful,’ Anushka Sharma Hits Back At Sunil Gavaskar

The Zero actress wrote, “That, Mr Gavaskar, your message is distasteful is a fact but I would love for you to explain why you thought of making such a sweeping statement on a wife accusing her for her husband’s game? I’m sure over the years you have respected the private lives of every cricketer while commentating on the game. Don’t you think you should have equal amount of respect for me and us?”

Anushka Sharma Didn't Mince Her Words

Anushka Sharma Didn’t Mince Her Words

She further wrote, “I’m sure you can have many other words and sentences in your mind to use to comment on my husband’s performance from last night or are your words only relevant if you use my name in the process?”

Anushka Sharma Shames Sunil Gavaskar For His Comment On Her And Virat

Anushka Sharma Shames Sunil Gavaskar For His Comment On Her And Virat

“It’s 2020 and things still don’t change for me. When will I stop getting dragged into cricket and stop being used to pass sweeping statements? Respected Mr Gavaskar, you are a legend whose name stands tall in this gentleman’s game. Just wanted to tell you what I felt when I heard you say this,” Anushka concluded her post.

When Virat Kohli Defended Anushka Sharma

When Virat Kohli Defended Anushka Sharma

When Anushka began dating Virat, the actress often found herself getting trolled for the latter’s dismal performance. Now, even after marriage, Anushka continues to face vile comments, being blamed every time husband, Virat, underperforms in a match.

A few years ago, Virat had lashed out at these trolls in an interview and said, “Shame on those people who have been having a go at Anushka for the longest time and connecting every negative thing to her. Shame on those people calling themselves educated. Shame on blaming and making fun of her when she has no control over what I do with my sport. If anything she has only motivated and given me more positivity.”

Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are expecting their first child together. The baby is due in January 2021.

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