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Quarantine has led photographers, magazines and brands to shoot virtually.⁣⁣
Los Angeles-based photographer @AngeloKritikos who shot @ddlovato a few days into the stay home order spoke to WWD about the collaborative process. ⁣⁣
“I don’t feel any pressure to perfect my virtual shoots because I really love the gritty and raw feel to the images. To me, it’s cool how imperfect the photos turn out,” added Kritikos. “Even though we are not physically in the same space shooting, there is something about the virtual shoots that feel very intimate and vulnerable. There is only so much I can direct when I’m not physically there with them, but that’s what makes the virtual shoots special. It’s a collaborative image,” Kritikos said. ⁣⁣
Brands are getting in on the action too. Earlier this week, @Jacquemus released its Spring 2020 campaign (seen here) entirely shot over FaceTime by Pierre-Ange Carlotti and starring Bella Hadid, who’s becoming quite the expert at this kind of photography.⁣⁣
But it’s not just FaceTime that photographers are experimenting with from the safety of their homes. Nick Knight recently told WWD that rather than canceling or postponing, he’s shifting to different formats, shooting campaigns on Zoom, Skype or using 3-D scanning.⁣⁣
“They ask me for campaigns that can be seen across the Internet, and you can create beautiful images even through tools like Zoom or Skype,” he said. “The “resolution” of an image shouldn’t define what is acceptable, we need to re-evaluate what an acceptable image is. The challenge is to create beautiful, elevated images taken even for instance during video calls with the models.” ⁣

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