Ja Rule films wacky, low-budget commercial for Greek restaurant

The rapper, one of the organizers behind the disastrous 2017 music festival, filmed the ad for Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill (located on 2771 West Pico Boulevard, as it tells us). The spot shows him professing his love of Greek food, superimposed in front of gyros and scenes from the restaurant.

The hotspot has the “best motherf***ing gyros,” Ja Rule exclaims, then mispronounces oktapodakia, avgolemono soup, and kreatopita.

“You can’t even pronounce the food, it’s so go**amn good!” he says.

The rapper’s wardrobe choice is an “I love Greece” T-shirt. He ends the one-minute ad with a traditional Greek shout of “Opa!”

Ja Rule announced himself Monday morning on Twitter that the commercial was trending.

The rapper has largely remained quiet since the Fyre Festival scandal. He and a co-organizer were roasted over the canceled event in the Bahamas that left ticketholders hungry and without adequate shelter.

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