Jerry Seinfeld returns with ’23 Hours to Kill’

Jerry Seinfeld’s new hourlong comedy special, “Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill,” dropped Tuesday on Netflix.

According to the streaming giant, Seinfeld’s first stand-up special since 1998 “reinforces his reputation as the precision-craftsman of standup comedy.”

“Jerry Seinfeld takes the stage in New York and tackles talking vs. texting, bad buffets vs. so-called ‘great’ restaurants and the magic of Pop Tarts,” the Netflix description reads.
The special was filmed at the Beacon Theatre in New York City and Seinfeld told the New York Times it could possibly be his last as his career outlook these days is “post-show business.”

“I’m really just into the pure art of it now,” he said. “Just the bit, the audience and the moment. I’m more interested in that than ever, and I’m less interested in everything else.”

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