Renuka Shahane On Kangana Ranaut | If You Are A Vile Person, Your Tweet Will Reflect That

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Actor Renuka Shahane got talking about Kangana Ranaut’s conduct on social media and news media in recent times and her insulting name-calling of her colleagues in the Hindi film industry. Renuka pointed out that what started out as ‘justice for Sushant Singh Rajput’ is no more about that.

Renuka Shahane On Kangana Crossing The Line Of Decency

“The case was left behind long ago, when Kangana Ranaut was talking about Mumbai Police’ incompetence, targeting Maharashtra government for that, and calling Mumbai PoK,” said Renuka, in an interview with Hindustan Times.

Talking about Kangana dismissing Urmila Matondkar by calling her a ‘soft porn star’, Renuka said, “It crosses the line of decency, there are some people who do it all the time, and there are others who believe that should not be done. It’s your choice, how you want to lead your life… some people think crossing the line of decency and saying the most vile things is their freedom of expression. What do you do about it?”

Kangana’s remarks on Urmila came after the latter disputed the former’s claims of 99 percent of the film industry being involved in substance abuse.

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Drawing a parallel between Kangana and her social media persona, Renuka said, “If you yourself are this, then your tweets are going to reflect that. If you are a vile person, your tweet will reflect that, and if you are decent, the same thing. It’s not a question of opposition, I think people within a family also don’t agree with each other on many things, but there is space for disagreement. But what I feel is just because you are against somebody’s point of view, you don’t have to be vicious against the person!”

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Many other celebrities have come out and condemned Kangana’s statements and conduct since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, and have called her out for being terribly opportunistic.

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