SEC commissioner Greg Sankey — College Football Playoff selection committee faces ‘number of challenges’

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey says he hasn’t considered whether there should be a minimum number of games required to qualify for the College Football Playoff.

Rather, Sankey said Wednesday that he has reviewed the selection criteria and anticipates a “number of challenges” facing the CFP selection committee as conferences play disparate schedules this season and games are canceled due to COVID-19 testing.

“We’re going to trust them with that,” Sankey said of the committee.

The SEC intends to play a 10-game, conference-only schedule beginning Saturday. The Big 12 and ACC are following a plan for an 11-game schedule with 10 conference games and one nonconference opponent.

Last week, the Big Ten announced that it would seek to play eight games in eight weeks beginning Oct. 24.

Sankey referred to the CFP selection committee’s use of “data points” in making evaluations.

“It suggests to me the more games that are played, the better one is under this selection criteria,” Sankey said.

However, throughout a teleconference with reporters, Sankey sought to emphasize the fluidity of the season. He said getting to game week “seemed a bit of a mountain to climb” but cautioned, “I still am in the hold-my-breath moment a little bit.”

Sankey said he thinks Saturday’s start to the SEC season will be an “emotional moment” for him.

“Then we have to reset … and focus on doing it again next week,” he said.

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