Shruti Haasan Says Imperfections Exist Everywhere, Not Fair To Drag Down An Entire Industry

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Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the practices and culture of the Hindi film industry has been under a very critical lens. While many acknowledge that the industry is not a perfect place, a part of the negative reputation it has gained can be attributed to exaggerated claims.

Shruti Haasan: It’s Not Fair To Drag Down An Entire Industry

Celebrities are offering their takes on the industry being called a ‘gutter’ in recent times. The latest to do so was actor Shruti Haasan. As the daughter of actor Kamal Haasan, Shruti shared an insider’s perspective of it, and her own personal experiences which have shaped her journey.

Speaking to Hindustan Times about the imperfections of the industry, Shruti pointed out that such imperfections exist everywhere.

“I am fortunate enough to have a support structure of friends and people around. It is just my job. But this is what you will find in medical, corporate any field, except you aren’t taking an interview there. I promise, if you go and interview a female doctor, or a corporate head, or someone in even your own fraternity, they would have tonnes to say about their industry, which is pleasant and unpleasant. Our role as people is to fight injustice,” she said.

Talking about her own hardships , she said that she has had to lose out on some things because of the stands she has taken.

“I can very proudly say I’m not party to the things I don’t agree with. It doesn’t matter if it’s the biggest director or whoever. I’m not even talking about exploitation, I’m talking about when I don’t like their vibes. I just don’t talk to them, and I have paid heavy prices for this, where I have not got films, they feel I am not interested. That’s okay. That’s a price I chose to pay,” said Shruti.

She also doesn’t think it’s fair to drag down the entire industry. “If you are the girl who doesn’t want to suck up to the boss in your corporate office, you will pay the price of it. Are you okay with it, that’s a different question. I don’t think it’s fair to drag one industry down for whatever. Yes, there is bad stuff, but tell me, where isn’t the bad stuff?” she said.

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