Synbiotech and Lonza Announce Exclusive Partnership of Development and Sales of Sport Probiotics TWK10(R) for Nutrition Markets in EU and US

KAOSHIUNG, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Synbiotech and Lonza announce an exclusive collaboration agreement on Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10® under which Lonza will exclusively commercialize the innovative probiotic TWK10® in the US, Canada, Europe and Brazil whilst at the same time both companies will collaborate to further develop and optimize TWK10® and explore new markets and applications.

Synbiotech and Lonza Announce Exclusive Partnership of Development and Sales of Sport Probiotics TWK10(R) for Nutrition Markets in EU and US

Founded in Switzerland in 1897, Lonza is a leading global partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets, and is one of the leading CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) groups in the globe. Dr. Thomas Kiy, Vice President Strategy and Portfolio Development of Lonza commented, “We have defined Sports Nutrition & Active Living as one of our strategic growth areas and Synbiotech’s innovative TWK10® probiotic is a perfect complementation of our portfolio in this market. We are excited to launch the first of it’s kind sport probiotic product in North America and Europe very soon.”

Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10®, extracted from Taiwanese Kimchi, is a research achievement with collaboration between Synbiotech and academics. Study[1] has shown that it can increase muscle endurance, improve body composition and exercise performance and reduce fatigue. Currently two human clinical papers have been published with US and Taiwan patents obtained. Moreover, TWK10® achieved US Self-affirmed GRAS on 29 May 2020, and it becomes the first certified raw material of lactic acid bacteria in local Taiwan.

Dr. San Land Young, human healthcare global operation head of Synbiotech commented, “EU and Japan were leading the global probiotic markets for years, while now the sport probiotics TWK10® from Taiwan has attracted attention during its research and development period. Since the clinical trial was reported on Nutrients Scientific Magazine, it has been published dozens of times on international seminars and aroused more attention in scientific community. Lonza expressed its interest on TWK10® on European international probiotics seminar early 2019, two companies then started more than one year negotiation and eventually defined the collaboration direction, which has set a significant milestone to the internationalization of Taiwan’s probiotic industry.”

Mr. Kuie-ming Lee, Vice President of Human Healthcare of Synbiotech said, “Local-developed TWK10® is one of the most remarkable sports probiotics in global market. Synbiotech and Lonza will leverage their respective strength on scientific research and market operation, and jointly explore TWK10®’s sports nutrition market in EU and US under the principle of win-win and mutual development. On top of cooperation with Lonza Group, Synbiotech is seeking any kind of cooperation that could expand the market for TWK10® and will be gradually deploying its international network during 2020-2021, and we are convinced that TWK10® probiotic products will be launched soon throughout the major global markets in EU, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and China.”

[1]Effect of Lactobacillus Plantarum TWK10 on Exercise Physiological Adaptation, Performance, and Body Composition in Healthy Humans. Nutrients 2019. 11(11), 2019, 2836.

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