When Salman Khan Spoke About Being Thrown Out Of People’s Offices: One Day I’ll Show Them

Salman On Facing Rejection

Salman On Facing Rejection

When Salman was asked who are the people who’ve contributed to his career immensely, the superstar said, “The people I went to meet with my photographs before I became someone. They threw me out. I give them all the credit for me being me. Because I didn’t have any fire in me when I started out. When I would step out of their offices I would think, ‘One day I am going to show them that I can make it’.”

Salman: It Wasn't A Question Of Survival

Salman: It Wasn’t A Question Of Survival

Salman further added that for him, having a film career wasn’t a question of survival, as he was not dying of hunger.

“My father had a Mercedes Benz. I used to drive a Mercedes. I had a BMW. Life was good and there was no shortage of anything in my life,” said the Bodyguard actor.

Salman On Other Stars' Struggle

Salman On Other Stars’ Struggle

Salman was privileged to have a father who was a well-known writer in Bollywood. The actor didn’t shy away from admitting that his contemporaries had struggled more than him.

“All the earlier stars before me, apart from Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) and Kumar Gaurav had come from very poor backgrounds. They had struggled. Some, even though they came from rich families, didn’t take help from home when they came to Bombay. So they struggled, slept on the footpaths, ate channa and all that stuff. These stories kept circling in my head,” said Salman.

Salman: One Day I'll Show Them

Salman: One Day I’ll Show Them

The Wanted actor further added that he believed that only if he goes through the rough path, he will have that fire in the belly to work harder.

Salman said, “So all those people who turned me out, I turned them into channa and shengh (peanuts) and equated the rejection to sleeping on the footpath. Of course, once I became who I am, all was forgotten. I’ve never held anything against them. But just to keep myself going, I said, ‘One day I will show them’.”

Cut to present, Salman is already one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood. The actor has delivered many blockbusters in the last decade, but more than money, Salman has earned fans and immense love from the audiences.

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